In-person Job Fair ŠANCE

ŠANCE Job Fair has been an ongoing tradition at the Prague University of Economics and Business for many years! 

Basic information:

  • The event is held for three days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) from 10 am to 16.30 pm.
  • There are new exhibitors each day, but we can provide even a multi-day participation if needed.
  • You will get a unique chance to meet VŠE students and alumni and present them with up-to-date job offers, internships or just present yourselves as an attractive employer.
  • The fair offers a great opportunity to gather contacts of students and future alumni to address them with a job offer at the time, or in the future.

Date of the next Job Fair ŠANCE: October 15 – 17,  2024

How to take part at the fair?
  • choose the price category first, which will determine the exact spot of your booth, as well as check which day will suit you the most (it will always be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)
  • if you do not have the log-in details for the reservation system, reach us at (you can skip this step if you do so)
  • wait for the registrations to open, further information can be found at important dates.
  • after the registrations are open, register your booth at the reservation system.
  • you will receive an email with an order right after you fill in all the details, it is necessary to print it, sign it and send it back to within a 3 day period,
  • an invoice with a 14-day maturity will be issued right after receiving the order,
  • then you will be asked to provide additional details, send us your logo and additional materials.
What is the schedule?
  • prepare a booth no larger than 1,5 m x 3 m at your secured spot at school in the morning before the fair,
  • there will be a team of organizers for you to help you with the preparations,
  • actively address the students and alumni during the fair,
  • you can use the catering service provided by us during the fair,
  • show-off your company / institution, gather contacts of potential employers

You will receive a set of photographs after the fair.