Booth pricing

With the job fair there are 3 price categories.

A traditional in-person job fair takes place at the Rajská Building at University of Economics and Business in Prague. The booths are placed according to the scheme below, and are separated into 3 price categories according to their location and size. The prices below are for one day of participation in the fair.

Price categories:
Booth No. Size of the booth space Price per booth
No. 1-6 3×3 m 78 000 CZK (excl. VAT)
No. 7 5×1,5 m 78 000 CZK (excl. VAT)
No. 8 3×1,5 m 52 000 CZK (excl. VAT)
No. 9-19 3×2 m 52 000 CZK (excl. VAT)
No. 20-40 3×1,5 m 33 000 CZK (excl. VAT)
The price always includes:
  • a place for your booth within chosen price category
  • massive PR through all channels of our school (bulk emails, social networks, school web, sites of all faculties, posters at VŠE, posters at student dorms, in-school TV advertising)
  • a complete service before, during and after the fair (placing the stand, handing out photograhps etc.)
  • catering for up to 3 representatives of the company/institution
Price does not include additional services:
  • catering for each additional representative of the company / institution: 500 CZK / person
  • parking space in the premises of the university: 1000 CZK / parking space
  • logo projection on the matrix above the fair area on the day of participation: 3000 CZK
  • participation in the competition for visitors: 5000 CZK

Additional services can be selected in the reservation system when booking the booth, they will be invoiced together with the agreed price for the booth. In case of ordering additional services after the invoicing has taken place, it is possible to invoice the additional services separately.