Competition for visitors

Do you want to increase your booth attendance at our job fair? Participate in the contest for visitors, which will bring you many benefits. The main ones are:

  • promotion of your company/institution by the organizer,
  • higher attendance at your booth.

If you participate in the competition, we will print the competition cards for the visitors, while you, as an exhibitor, will receive a stamp. Then, based on your decision, you can stamp the students‘ competition cards, for example, if they show interest in your company, if they answer the questions correctly, or if they succeed in your quiz, etc.

Every day, there is going to be a draw and an announcement of the winners of the prizes, which the exhibitors themselves, if interested in participating, provide for the competition. If you are interested in participating in the competition, please contact us at The prize provided for the competition must be of a minimum value of 1000 CZK and the fee for participating in the competition is 5000 CZK for the exhibitors.