Veletrh Šance
Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze

Termíny následujících veletrhů jsou: 16.-18.10.2018 a 12.-14.03.2019 (vždy v době 10:00-16:30 hod).  Údaje jsou průběžně aktualizovány.

The Job Fair will be held  16.-18. October 2018 and 12.-14. March 2019.  The information are updated now.

Let´s talk with Todd about Career Ownership

16.2.2017 | ADP

Just few more days to go and LEADERSHIP AND HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT club at University of Economics will be kicked off. First session will be run by Todd Horvath, President at ADP and Todd will be talking about Career Ownership. Session is opened to students, alumni as well as to professionals.

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